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Serapinas, Danielius


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12017Conjoined twins after in-vitro fertilizationSerapinas, Danielius; Butkevičienė, Eglė; Daugėlaitė, Klaudija; Narbekovas, Andrius; Juškevičius, Jonas; Bartkevičiūtė, Agnė; Bartkevičienė, Daivaresearch article
22018Current position of legislative approaches to the grant of patent law on isolated human genesSerapinas, Danielius; Bekasene, Diana; Bandzevičienė, Rita; Narbekovas, Andrius; Valantinas, Antanasresearch article
32014Frequency of prenatal determination of 13, 18 and 21 trisomies and link with risk factorsJotautis, Vaidas; Ambrasienė, Daiva; Serapinas, Danielius; Vitkauskienė, Astraresearch article
42013Informuoto paciento sutikimas klinikinėje praktikojeUlozienė, Brigita; Serapinas, Danielius; Narbekovas, Andrius; Juškevičius, Jonasresearch article
52020The level of free fetal DNA as precise noninvasive marker for chromosomal aneuploidies: first results from Baltic regionSerapinas, Danielius; Boreikaitė, Evelina; Bartkevičiūtė, Agnė; Norvilaitė, Kristina; Narbekovas, Andrius; Bartkevičienė, Daivaresearch article
62014The meaning of patient informed consent in prenatal diagnostics and reproductive technologiesSerapinas, Danielius; Narbekovas, Andrius; Meilius, Kazys; Juškevičius, Jonasresearch article
72010Meningokokinės ligos genetikaSerapinas, Danielius; Domarkienė, Vida; Janavičienė, Asta; Sakalauskas, Raimundasresearch article
82014Results of prenatal tests in pregnancies after assisted reproductive technologiesSerapinas, Danielius; Narbekovas, Andrius; Juškevičius, Jonasresearch article
92011Systemic inflammation in COPD in relation to smoking statusSerapinas, Danielius; Narbekovas, Andrius; Juškevičius, Jonas; Sakalauskas, Raimundasresearch article