Preišegalavičienė, Lina

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Surname, Name
Preišegalavičienė, Lina
Name Variants
Banaitytė, Lina
Main Affiliation
Research Interests
Lietuvos architektūros ir interjero dizaino istorija, šiuolaikiniai kultūros procesai, kasdienybės kultūra, kolekcionavimas, muziejininkystė

History of Lithuanian architecture and interior design, contemporary cultural processes, culture of daily life, collecting, museum art

Darbuotojas / Employee
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Lina Preišegalavičienė born (Lina Banaitytė) in Kaunas in 1966. Graduated from Jonas Jablonskis Secondary School with an enhanced training in English language and literature in 1984. 1984–1989 studied at the State Art Institute (now Vilnius Academy of Arts) and acquired a diploma of Interior Architect. In 1989–1991 she worked as an architect at Jonava Department of Architecture and Urbanism (formerly Jonava Executive Committee), later – as an architect at various private companies (JSC “Grupė A”, “Eskizas”, “Inarta”). She is the author of Jonava Exiles’ chapel (Tremtinių koplyčia), private houses, public and residential interiors, companies’ corporate style, logo and graphic design works. From 2010 - the member of Vytautas Magnus University’s (VMU) academic cluster “Research of Lithuanian Art and Identity of Cultural Heritage”. From 2014 - Ph.D. in Humanities, Art Studies, Architecture. She is the author of the scientific monograph “Lithuanian Interwar Interiors 1918–1940” (Vox Altera: 2016). The historical study „True Modernism: The 80 Years of the Historical Interior of M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art” was published in 2016. Begining with the Vol. 13, 2017 she works as the Managing Editor in the VMU journal "Art History & Criticism ".