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Skyrienė, Gintarė
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12011Levels of helminth infection of small rodents in two interspersed habitats – the forest and beaver sitesSkyrienė, Gintarė; Ulevičius, Alius; Samas, Arūnasresearch article
22014The muskrat skull variation of morphometric parameters to comparing primary and second introducentsSkyrienė, Gintarė; Paulauskas, Algimantasresearch article
32012Distribution of invasive muskrats (Ondatra zibethicus) and impact on ecosystemSkyrienė, Gintarė; Paulauskas, Algimantasresearch article
42015Decline of invasive muskrat in LithuaniaSkyrienė, Gintarė; Paulauskas, Algimantas; Ulevičius, Alius; Samas, Arūnasresearch article
52011Assessment of invasive muskrat Ondatra zibethicus distribution and impacts on ecosystems in LithuaniaButautytė-Skyrienė, Gintarė; Paulauskas, Algimantas; Ulevičius, Aliusresearch article