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12012Simulation of the radiation therapy system for respiratory movement compensationKrilavičius, Tomas; Vitkutė-Adžgauskienė, Daiva; Šidlauskas, Kęstutisresearch article
22013Improving power-conversion efficiency via a hybrid MPPT approach for photovoltaic systemsMa, J; Man, Ka Lok; Ting, T. O; Zhang, Nan; Guan, S. U; Wong, Prudence W. H; Lim, E. G; Krilavičius, Tomas; Kapočiūtė-Dzikienė, Jurgita; Lei, C. Uresearch article
32014Simple computational method of predicting electrical characteristics in solar cellsMa, J; Man, Ka Lok; Ting, T. O; Zhang, Nan; Guan, S. U; Wong, Prudence W. H; Lim, E. G; Krilavičius, Tomas; Saulevičius, D; Lei, C. Uresearch article
42020A mobile application for smart computer-aided self-administered testing of cognition, speech, and motor impairmentLauraitis, Andrius; Maskeliūnas, Rytis; Damaševičius, Robertas; Krilavičius, Tomasresearch article
52014Text documents clusteringCiganaitė, Greta; Mackutė-Varoneckienė, Aušra; Krilavičius, Tomasresearch article
62014Analysing voting behavior of the Lithuanian Parliament using cluster analysis and multidimensional scaling: technical aspectsMickevičius, Vytautas; Krilavičius, Tomas; Morkevičius, Vaidasresearch article
72014Language identification for Lithuanian, Russian and Azeri languagesŠirvinskas, Raimondas; Medelis, Žygimantas; Krilavičius, Tomas; Man, Ka Lokresearch article
82012Modelling and verification of compensating transactions using the Spin toolWan, Kaiyu; Kapoor, H. K; Das, Shirshendu; Raju, B; Krilavičius, Tomas; Man, Ka Lokresearch article
92014LR Seimo narių elgsenos tyrimas, naudojant klasterinę analizę ir daugiamačių skalių metodąMickevičius, Vytautas; Krilavičius, Tomas; Morkevičius, Vaidasresearch article
102012Artificial intelligence approach to SoC estimation for smart BMSMan, Ka Lok; Chen, C; Ting, T. O; Krilavičius, Tomas; Chang, J; Poon, S. Hresearch article
112014Specification and analysis of null convention logic (NCL) circuits using PAFSVMan, Ka Lok; Zhang, Nan; Lei, Chi-Un; Lim, Eng Gee; Ting, T. O; Wan, Kaiyu; Ma, Jieming; Krilavičius, Tomas; Liu, Dawei; Guo, Yuresearch article
122015Automatic thematic classification of the titles of the Seimas votesMickevičius, Vytautas; Krilavičius, Tomas; Morkevičius, Vaidas; Mackutė-Varoneckienė, Aušraresearch article
132014Semantic solutions for the analysis of multilingual documentsSaulevičius, Donatas; Krilavičius, Tomasresearch article
142017Investigation of relation between internal-external markers for respiratory motion conpensation in radiotherapyUžupytė, Rūta; Visockaitė, Evelina; Krilavičius, Tomasresearch article
152012Using Web 2.0 tools to enhance learning in higher education : a case study in technological educationChi-Un, Lei; Krilavičius, Tomas; Zhang, Nan; Wan, Kaiyu; Man, Ka Lokresearch article
162012Design and realization of a smart battery management systemChen, C; Man, Ka Lok; Ting, T. O; Chi-Un, Lei; Krilavičius, Tomas; Jeong, T. T; Seon, J. K; Guan, S. U; Wong, Prudence W. Hresearch article
172014Orders prediction for small IT companyUžupytė, Rūta; Krilavičius, Tomasresearch article
182017Electricity price forecasting for Nord Pool dataBeigaitė, Rita; Krilavičius, Tomasresearch article
192014Bhave toolset : modeling and analysis of electronic system design and system controlMan, Ka Lok; Krilavičius, Tomas; Valaškevičius, Šarūnas; Wu, Yanyan; Seon, J. Kresearch article
202015Predicting position of a functional target from an external marker in radiotherapyUžupytė, Rūta; Man, Ka Lok; Krilavičius, Tomas; Žliobaitė, Indrė; Simonavičius, Henrikasresearch article