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12002Ar globalizacija veda prie vienos ir universalios kultūros versle?Stonkutė, Eglėconference paper
22015The attitude of students of different cultures to barriers to learning in foreign higher education institutions : case of Lithuania and PakistanVveinhardt, Jolita; Ahmed, Rizwan Raheem; Stonkutė, Eglėresearch article
32015Building organizational competencies through the learning process in SME : the benefits of training organised for companies' employeesVveinhardt, Jolita; Stonkutė, Eglėresearch article
42013Comparative analysis of productivity developments of agricultural sector in Baltic States : assessing the impact of subsidies on productsStonkutė, Eglėresearch article
52015Corporate social responsibility as a brand : practical activity or social hypocrisy?Vveinhardt, Jolita; Stonkutė, Eglėresearch article
62017Decentralization and local governance in LithuaniaStonkutė, Eglė; Gaulė, Eglėresearch article
72019Discourse on corporate social responsibility in the external communication of agricultural enterprisesVveinhardt, Jolita; Stonkutė, Eglė; Sroka, Włodzimierzresearch article
82015Economic policy incentives encouraging agricultural production: a comparative analysis of Lithuanian rural development programme for 2007-2013 and 2014-2020Stonkutė, Eglė; Vveinhardt, Jolitaresearch article
92002Globalizacijos įtaka verslo kultūros niveliacijai ir universalumuiŽukauskas, Pranas; Stonkutė, Eglėresearch article
102006How Lithuanian farmers expect to develop their business in EUStonkutė, Eglė; Žukauskas, Pranasresearch article
112018How to mitigate risks of bullying invasion while creating organization’s future under high uncertainty?Stonkutė, Eglė; Vveinhardt, Jolitaresearch article
122006Income stability and incentives to produce under CAP reform implementation in LithuaniaRadzevičius, Gediminas; Stonkutė, Eglėresearch article
132004Informacinės sistemos ir organizacijos mokymosi proceso sąveikaStonkutė, Eglėresearch article
142008Integration of environmental concerns into agricultural policy trough support for rural development in Baltic StatesStonkutė, Eglė; Radzevičius, Gediminas; Ribašauskienė, Erikaresearch article
152016Key success factors for small and medium size enterprises in a context of global supply chainsStonkutė, Eglė; Vveinhardt, Jolitaresearch article
162015A Literature review on the linkage between supply chain challenges and key success factors for small and medium size enterprisesStonkutė, Eglėresearch article
172003Management control system's design : theoretical conceptsŽukauskas, Pranas; Stonkutė, Eglėresearch article
182009Mapping the further developments of income support policy in the EUStonkutė, Eglėresearch article
192016Pension system developments in Estonia, Latvia and LithuaniaStonkutė, Eglėjournal article
202016Recent developments of public expenditure on social protection in Estonia, Latvia and LithuaniaStonkutė, Eglėjournal article