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12010Acute temperature resistance threshold in heart mitochondria : Febrile temperature activates function but exceeding it collapses the membrane barrierŽūkienė, Rasa; Naučienė, Zita; Čiapaitė, Jolita; Mildažienė, Vidaresearch article
22003Cd2+ and Cu2+ ions inhibit the respiratory chain in liver mitochondria acting on different sitesMildažienė, Vida; Čiapaitė, Jolita; Naučienė, Zita; Banienė, Rasa; Krab, Klaasresearch article
32007Cu2+ but not Cd2+ ions at low concentrations increase mitochondrial inner membrane ion permeability by inducing reactive oxygen species production and lipid peroxidationČiapaitė, Jolita; Naučienė, Zita; Banienė, Rasa; Buzaitė, Odeta; Mildažienė, Vidaresearch article
42004Discrimination of the effects of 2,2', 5,5' - tetrachlorbiphenyl on the components of the phosphorylation subsystem: ATP synthase and adenine nucleotide translocatorSmilgytė, Monika; Naučienė, Zita; Mildažienė, Vida; Čiapaitė, Jolita; Krab, Klaasresearch article
52007Effects of hyperthermia on mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation systemŽūkienė, Rasa; Naučienė, Zita; Čiapaitė, Jolita; Mildažienė, Vidaresearch article
62007Functioning of oxidative phosphorylation in liver mitochondria of high-fat diet fed ratsČiapaitė, Jolita; Bakker, Stephan J.L; Van Eikenhorst, Gerco; Wagner, Marijke J; Teerlink, Tom; Schalkwijk, Casper G; Fodor, Mariann; Ouwens, D. Margriet; Diamant, Michaela; Heine, Robert J; Westerhoff, Hans V; Krab, Klaasresearch article
72001Modular kinetic analysis as a tool for investigation of multi-site effects in multienzyme systems : deleterious action of metal ions on oxidative phosphorylationMildažienė, Vida; Naučienė, Zita; Banienė, Rasa; Milano, Aušra; Čiapaitė, Jolita; Krab, Klassresearch article
82009Modular kinetic analysis reveals differences in Cd2+ and Cu2+ ion-induced impairment of oxidative phosphorylation in liverČiapaitė, Jolita; Naučienė, Zita; Banienė, Rasa; Wagner, Marijke J; Krab, Klaas; Mildažienė, Vidaresearch article
92000Pleiotropic effect of polychlorinated biphenyl on oxidative phosphorylation in rat liver mitochondriaNaučienė, Zita; Banienė, Rasa; Čiapaitė, Jolita; Grigienė, Jurgita; Mildažienė, Vidaresearch article
102007Response of heart mitochondria to hyperthermia : activation at the febrile temperature versus loss of the inner membrane barrier at higher temperaturesŽūkienė, Rasa; Naučienė, Zita; Čiapaitė, Jolita; Mildažienė, Vidaresearch article