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Berkmanas, Tomas


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12009The development of the philosophies of science and law : parallelisms, reciprocities, perspectivesBerkmanas, Tomasresearch article
22009Motives in support of judicial activism : critique and ethics of restrained adjudication as an alternativeBerkmanas, Tomasresearch article
32020Dekano įžvalgos: Vytauto Didžiojo universiteto Teisių fakulteto palikimo reikšmėBerkmanas, Tomasjournal article
42018Reflections on Hannah Arendt’s “The perplexities of the rights of man”, the problem of a refugee and the problem of a state of exceptionBerkmanas, Tomasresearch article
52013Teismų funkcija: lietuviškieji konstituciniai lūkesčiai ir šiuolaikinė teisinė mintisBerkmanas, Tomasresearch article
62009On the judicial activism in the constitutional jurisprudence of the United States of America and Lithuania : lessons to learnBerkmanas, Tomasresearch article
72006Teisė Gorgio Agambeno išimtinės padėties teorijoje : tarp aporiškumo ir grynumoBerkmanas, Tomasresearch article
82014Natural law and political ontology : a historico-philosophical outline of a major human transformationBerkmanas, Tomasresearch article
92016Konstitucingumo radimasis ir vieta politiškumo tvarkojeBerkmanas, Tomasresearch article
102016'Doing sanctions with words': legacy, scope, fairness and future (?) of a reprimandBerkmanas, Tomasresearch article
112013Legal educology as general and special science of education : Lithuanian and transnational experiences in the field of higher educationBerkmanas, Tomasresearch article
122013Innovative and interdisciplinary contents and programmes in graduate legal studies : lessons learnedBerkmanas, Tomasresearch article
132020The ‘Meta’-significance of Scalia’s A Matter of Interpretation: reflections on a theory and ethics of judicial legislative powerBerkmanas, Tomasresearch article
142014Teisininkų etikos vertybių realumo ir modeliavimo problemosBerkmanas, Tomas; Gruodytė, Editaresearch article
152007Analogija tarp mokslo ir teisės : istoriniai ir probleminiai aspektaiBerkmanas, Tomasresearch article
162010Schmitt V. (?) Kelsen : the total state of exception posited for the total regulation of lifeBerkmanas, Tomasresearch article
172004Teismo aktyvumo kuriant ir aiškinant teisę plėtros tendencija, motyvai ir problemosBerkmanas, Tomasresearch article
182013Globalizacijos įtakos teisei tyrimaiBerkmanas, Tomasresearch article
192004On the academic understanding of legal interpretation in LithuaniaBerkmanas, Tomasresearch article
202012Globalizacijos įtakos teisei tyrimaiGruodytė, Edita; Berkmanas, Tomasresearch article