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Kalėdaitė, Violeta


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130-Jan-2012Lithuanian literature in English: a corpus-based approach to the translation of author-specific neologismsVaičenonienė, Jurgitadoctoral thesis
226-May-2015Lithuanian translation equivalents of English extraposed clauses and existential sentencesStankūnienė, Renatamaster thesis
330-Jan-2012Lietuvių literatūra anglų kalba:tekstynu paremtas autorinių neologizmų vertimo tyrimasVaičenonienė, Jurgitadoctoral thesis
42-Jun-2008Lithuanian translations of English noun phrases in popular journalism: analysis of texts from ''Business & Exhibitions''Pastarnokė, Aurelijamaster thesis
51-Jun-2010Semantic analysis of English, Lithuanian and Polish idioms with the headwords denoting colour termsPieczulis, Irenamaster thesis
629-May-2013A comparative analysis of the European Union's education policy terminology in English and LithuanianJakimavičiūtė, Vilmamaster thesis
726-May-2015The language of evaluation: a case study of English and Lithuanian film reviewsPoderytė, Agnėmaster thesis
829-May-2013Concretization and generalization in translations of English and Lithuanian fictionLasevičiūtė, Agnėmaster thesis
911-Jun-2019Reflection of language ideologies in the linguistic landscape of Reykjavík and HeidelbergUtter, Saskiamaster thesis
103-Jun-2008The metaphorical language of football reports in English and Lithuanian newspapersŠvenčiūnaitė, Aidamaster thesis
112-Jun-2008Problematic aspects of translating comicsKeršpylaitė, Ingamaster thesis
1220-May-2019Linguistic landscape: a comparative analysis of urban multilingualism in Kaunas and WarsawŠimkevičiūtė, Vaidamaster thesis
138-Jun-2021Linguistic experiences of female Ukrainian long-term labor-migrants in Poland and ItalyVasylko, Viktoriiamaster thesis
1411-Jun-2021Space and existence: existential sentences in EnglishZhilong, Anbachelor thesis