Activating Students in Online Classes

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Activating Students in Online Classes
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Projekto tikslas – sukurti produktus (metodologiją ir gerųjų patirčių bei scenarijų rinkinius), kuriais naudojantis dėstytojai skatintų studentus aktyviai dalyvauti paskaitose, seminaruose bei kitokio pobūdžio susitikimuose nuotoliniu būdu.

Projekto rezultatai: Nuotolinėms studijoms adaptuota apverstos klasės metodologija Mokomoji medžiaga dėstytojams Pavyzdiniai scenarijai Gerųjų praktikų rinkinys

SANTRAUKA anglų kalba

The main goal of the Project is activisation of students in on-line educational context. The innovative combination of didactic methods, opened for new didactic tools, intended for implementation in on-line learning systems is proposed. This package was called “flipped classroom based e-methodology”. The outcomes of the project are projected to help academic teachers in their on-line classes, giving them methods, tools and – what is the most important – the opportunity to improve their qualifications and build a new standard of teaching. Our e-methodology will help them to activate students from several academic centers in online teaching.

The expected result of the project is to form graduates who - taught to be active and take initiative during classes - will become active knowledge entrepreneurs in their universities environments.

S - Socialiniai mokslai / Social sciences
T - Technologijos mokslai / Technological sciences
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