A strategic reflection on digitalisation at European higher education institutions

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A strategic reflection on digitalisation at European higher education institutions
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The project aims at enhancing the strategic digitalisation capacity of higher education institutions (HEIs) by transferring the approach of the SELFIE tool to the higher education sector. HEIs with diverse mission goals and at different levels of digitalisation will be able to use the tool, and to engage staff, student and external stakeholders into the development, enhancement and implementation of an institutional digitalisation strategy. This will benefit a range of mission goals (learning and teaching, research and innovation, and cooperation and outreach, including internationalisation). The DIGI-HE tool will require from participating HEIs to lead a self-evaluation process, and involve institutions’ members in responding to online questionnaires. DIGI-HE will aggregate responses in a diagnosis report on the institution’s digitalisation, which will serve as a basis for further action. The project will provide user guidelines and offer to participating HEIs to peer-learn through focus groups. This will build a community of practice, which will be an important forum for exchange of good practice and mutual learning. While focussed on institutional development and capacity building, the project is expected to produce inputs for European and national policy development.

The project will conduct a survey to assess needs and identify challenges related to digitalisation at HEIs. A final report will also document case studies and lessons learnt. DIGI-HE responds to an urgent need at HEIs, which are now using and enhancing digital approaches. This has at times resulted into disconnected or not strategized measures. DIGI-HE will support the development of institutional approaches, to make such measures more visible, efficient and sustainable. During the project lifetime, 100 to 150 HEIs are expected to use the tool. Beyond the project, the tool can be used by HEIs at their pace, with light support from EUA, EURASHE and EDEN, which will promote its use among their members.

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