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12021Lithuania: the predicament of the segregation of religionsRačius, Egdūnasresearch article
22021Slovakia: fear of new religious minoritiesRačius, Egdūnasresearch article
32021Change in a time of pandemic: the 2020 parliamentary elections in LithuaniaJurkynas, Mindaugasresearch article
42021Žvilgsnis į darbdavį: migracijos ir pasitenkinimo darbo santykiais bei darbdaviais Lietuvoje ir užsienyje sąsajosJanauskas, Giedriusresearch article
52020Orthodox churches and the ‘othering’ of Islam and muslims in today’s BalkansRačius, Egdūnasresearch article
62020From coronation to bear-pit: leadership selection in the Party Order and JusticeJurkynas, Mindaugasresearch article
72020NGO’s role in the democratic, decision-making: an empirical overview of the Lithuanian caseČubajevaitė, Martaresearch article
82020LithuaniaRačius, Egdūnasresearch article
92020Regional identities in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania: being Baltic, looking northJurkynas, Mindaugasresearch article
102020The Baltic world and beyond: the view of the Baltic presidentsJurkynas, Mindaugasresearch article
112020The legal notion of “traditional” religions in Lithuania and its sociopolitical consequencesRačius, Egdūnasresearch article
122020How do Lithuanian citizens perceive the European parliament? EU legitimacy issue and trust in the European parliamentRakutienė, Sima; Unikaitė-Jakuntavičienė, Ingridaresearch article
132019Beginnings of Christianity: Latvia and LithuaniaTēraudkalns, Valdis; Andrejevs, Nikita; Fröjmark, Anders; Janauskas, Giedriusresearch article
142019Grunwald - Tannenberg - ŽalgirisJanauskas, Giedrius; Kasperavičiūtė, Vitalija; Pletzing, Christianresearch article
152019LithuaniaRačius, Egdūnasresearch article
162019Governance of Islam in Europe: an Eastern European perspectiveRačius, Egdūnasresearch article
172019Populist parties in Lithuania: curious case of party order and justice and its leadershipJurkynas, Mindaugasresearch article
182019Experience of Muslims in Eastern EuropeRačius, Egdūnasresearch article
192019Perception of VikingsBrædder, Anne; Kreem, Juhan; Migdalski, Paweł; Janauskas, Giedriusresearch article
202019Margaret, Jadviga, and UnionsBrædder, Anne; Dąbrowska, Małgorzata; Fröjmark, Anders; Janauskas, Giedriusresearch article