Baltic Journal of Law & Politics

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„Baltic Journal of Law & Politics“ (BJLP) – mokslinis žurnalas, leidžiamas elektronine forma kaip bendras Vytauto Didžiojo universiteto Politikos mokslų ir diplomatijos fakulteto bei Teisės fakulteto leidinys. Žurnale publikuojami moksliniai teisės ir politikos bei tarpdalykiniai tyrimai. BJLP yra recenzuojamas ir leidžiamas anglų kalba. Baltic Journal of Law and politics svetainė

„Baltic Journal of Law & Politics“ (BJLP) is a scholarly journal, published in electronic form as a joint publication of the Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy and the Faculty of Law of Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania). BJLP provides a platform for the publication of scientific research in the fields of law and politics, with a particular emphasis on interdisciplinary research that cuts across these traditional categories. BJLP is peer-reviewed and published in English. Journal Baltic of Law and Politics website