Socialinis darbas. Patirtis ir metodai / Social Work. Experience and Methods 2008, nr. 2(2)

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    Šeimos išsaugojimo galimybės : sprendimų priėmimas galių santykių kontekste
    [The possibility of preserving the family : decision making within context of power relationship]
    research article
    Čiurlytė, Lina
    Socialinis darbas. Patirtis ir metodai / Social Work. Experience and Methods, 2008, no. 2(2), p. 87-107
    According to M. Payne (1996), agencies, providing social services, are in the process of consistent alternation. These changes take place in order to react to people demand on social services. The review of family example is the model of decision making over child’s future in the family, which came over from Great Britain. The review is attended by specialists of various areas. Because of interdisciplinary situation, the tension field occurs among providers of social services, because every of them comes to the review with his/her own purposes and functions. From the theoretical perspective powers are being described as the mean of individuals’ regulation. To manage means to model activity field of other individuals, to put it in other words, powers are proportion of strengths, when some strength dominates, and the others comply. The purpose of the research is to disclose the links between power relationships and decision making in the review process of family case. The following tasks of the work were raised in order to achieve the mentioned purpose: 1. To discuss political, juridical and theoretical aspects of powers relationships, while highlighting the context of decision making over family future in the context of review process. 2. To review institutional aspects of powers relationships, grounding competencies and roles of social worker in the review process of family case. 3. To disclose the links between power relationship and decisions over child’s future in the review process of family case. The research is accomplished, using qualitative descriptive research method. The information for this research was collected using semi-structural interview. In order to process collected data, instrument of themes analysis was used. The research was attended by 11 respondents. The results of research.[...].
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    Moterų smurtą patyrusių vyrų patirties analizė
    [The analysis of men's experience of women violence]
    research article
    Socialinis darbas. Patirtis ir metodai / Social Work. Experience and Methods, 2008, no. 2(2), p. 31-48
    This article focuses on a hidden and rarely discussed present-day phenomenon – women violence against men, which is analyzed on the aspects of men experience. Women violence against men is hidden under the stereotypical roles attributed to each sex and under the feeling of embarrassment felt by men as well as fear of being neglected by the members of society if talking out loud about the relevant issue. The experience of men having suffered women violence is exposed via a qualitative research by combining content analysis and open coding of grounded theory. With the help of content analysis men experience was revealed through categories while grounded theory allowed name them by the words uttered by men. Five men having experienced women violence were questioned by a semi-structured interview. As a result of the analysis, it turned out that men describe women violence as a sensitive and unwillingly publicized detail of their lives. Men tend to minimize women violence by not attaching significance thereto despite of the fact that it has caused them negative feelings. Those men, who have experienced physical, psychological and sexual violence on behalf of women, perceive it as the consequence of women’s desire to dominate in inter-relations, resulting in the expression of disability and negative emotions as well as striving to protect oneselves against the unpleasing man’s behavior. Due to the hegemonic norms of manhood, existing within the society, but failed to accomplish by men, divorce and decreased men’s self-esteem are the main consequences of women violence, that have influence on further life of men. Nonviolent possibilities for solving conflicts and couple issues are associated with greater tolerance towards each other and the development of help services for men, bearing in mind that violence generally is the problem of a human being not only a problem of a certain sex.
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    Neįgaliųjų studentų konsultavimo centras ir jo diegimo galimybės
    [Disabled students' counselling center - precondition of equal opportunities]
    research article
    Socialinis darbas. Patirtis ir metodai / Social Work. Experience and Methods, 2008, no. 2(2), p. 189-206
    Lithuanian laws establish that any higher educational establishment provides conditions for a disabled student to study, and the right to studying is granted to any high school graduate. Disabled students of higher educational establishments encounter problems such as physical inaccessibility of the environment, a lack of adapted training and educational materials (literature in braille, audio books, etc.), the living environment (dormitories) is not adapted for their specific needs, the need of assistants, a negative attitude of some members of the academic community. The aim of this survey is to identify the type of a Counseling Center for Disabled Students which would be a solution for the problems related to disabled students. The quantitative survey has been performed including interviews with experts exposed to the disabled as well as disabled students. Both the disabled students and experts expressed a positive attitude towards the establishment of the Counseling Center for Disabled Students as a unit of a higher educational establishment to be initiated by a higher establishment itself together with the Ministry of Education and Science and organizations of the disabled. The Center would be of major importance to the following target groups: disabled students of higher educational establishments and schools, parents of the disabled of high schools, the management of a high school, disabled employees of a higher educational establishment, parents of disabled students and teachers of higher educational establishments; the Center would communicate information, provide counseling services and engage in satisfying the special needs of disabled students.[...].
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    Socialinio darbo su šeima teoriniai ir praktiniai aspektai
    [Theoretical and practical aspects of social work with families]
    research article
    Socialinis darbas. Patirtis ir metodai / Social Work. Experience and Methods, 2008, no. 2(2), p. 77-86
    Institution of a family is in the process of transformation: more people live in an open cohabitation, the birth rate is decreasing, and the number of divorces is growing up. The number of multiproblem families, which lack appropriate relations inside them and with outside environment, is becoming bigger. Such families do not care about education of their children. It is not easy to perceive, to understand and to interpret a family. The difficulty of family cognition lies in the fact that there is no, and cannot be, a unanimous attitude towards family cognition because family relationships are not given beforehand, a family is not a static phenomenon, it is distinguished by development of inner relationships. The article analyzes five theories which are most often used in family research: structural-functional, social exchange, symbolic interaction, developmental and ecological system theory. It is also stressed that work with a family has to have the goal which should be clear, understandable, and should correspond to family needs. Conscious understanding of the processes in a family makes work more effective. It is important to see a family as a structure in its life cycle. A social worker is not a task performer but an activity organizer, helper supporter. He/she shows the direction but the goal has to be reached by the family itself. Social worker’s behavior (his/her skill to initiate relationship with a family, to apply social work methods) is important in the work with a family. It is essential to follow the principle of confidentiality and not to undertake the role of a judge.
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    Socialinių paslaugų vadybininkų gebėjimų analizė
    [Analysis of social servises' managers' skills]
    research article;
    Socialinis darbas. Patirtis ir metodai / Social Work. Experience and Methods, 2008, no. 2(2), p. 167-187
    As the practice shows, the effective management of social service organizations requires not only the knowledge of social work, but also the background of management, which enables to apply creatively the acquired necessary managerial knowledge and skills to the professional practice. The purpose of the research – to reveal the managerial skills which are necessary for the implementation of social service management functions. The object of the research – managerial skills required for social service managers. The qualitative analysis, which included 20 managers of social service organizations, has been carried out. Once the analysis of the interviews about their managerial practice has been done, it emerged that there is a necessity of skills involving the development of the human resources (search for the employees, their selection, motivation, reduction of interpersonal tension and conflict dealing). The research is significant to the organizers and implementers of university programs and social worker qualification improving programs, as well as to the specialists of the research field.
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