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2004Plasma hydrogenation of Al, Mg and MgAl films under high-flux ion irradiation at elevated temperaturePranevičius, Liudvikas; Milčius, Darius; Pranevičius, Liudas; Thomas, Georgeresearch article
2004Hydrogenation of MgAl films in plasmaPranevičius, Liudvikas; Milčius, Darius; Pranevičius, Liudasresearch article
2005Ion beam nitriding of single and polycrystalline austenitic stainless steelAbrasonis, Gintautas; Riviere, J.-P; Templier, Claude; Declemy, A; Pranevičius, Liudvikas; Milhet, Xresearch article
2005A comparative study of ion beam nitriding of single-crystalline and polycrystalline 316L austenitic stainless steelAbrasonis, Gintautas; Riviere, J.-P; Templier, Claude; Declemy, A; Muzard, S; Pranevičius, Liudvikasresearch article
2008Patterning of magnetic structures on austenitic stainless steel by local ion beam nitridingMenéndez, E; Martinavičius, Andrius; Liedke, M. O; Abrasonis, Gintautas; Fassbender, J; Sommerlatte, J; Nielsch, K; Suriñach, S; Baróa, M. D; Nogués, J; Sort, Jresearch article
2010A mechanically switchable metal-insulator transition in Mg2NiH4 discovers a strain sensitive, nanoscale modulated resistivity connected to a stacking faultLelis, Martynas; Milčius, Darius; Wirth, Emmanuel; Halenius, Ulf; Eriksson, Lars; Jansson, Kjell; Kadir, Karim; Ruan, Juanfang; Sato, Toyoto; Yokosawa, Tadahiro; Noreus, Dagresearch article
2010Development of TiHh2 using reactive sputtering techniqueKlenauskis, Simas; Sriubas, Mantas; Lelis, Martynas; Žostautienė, Rasa; Milčius, Darius; Laukaitis, Giedriusresearch article
2018Prolonged mixed phase induced by high pressure in MnRuPSereika, Raimundas; Wu, Wei; Park, Changyong; Kenney-Benson, Curtis; Brewe, Dale L; Heald, Steve M; Zhang, Jianbo; Yesudhas, Sorb; Deng, Hongshan; Chen, Bijuan; Luo, Jianlin; Ding, Yang; Mao, Ho-kwangresearch article
2019Structural changes in chlorine-substituted SbSISereika, Raimundas; Žaltauskas, Raimundas; Lapeika, Vytautas; Stanionytė, S; Juškėnas, Rresearch article
2020Wearproof structural and phase status of the surface of preparation of steel 45 after plasma spraying of powder PN85Y15Syundyukov, Ilnur; Skotnikova, Margarita; Padgurskas, Juozas; Tsvetkova, Galina; Tarasenko, Elenaresearch article