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2000Influence of projection pursuit on classification errors : computer simulation resultsJakimauskas, Gintautas; Krikštolaitis, Ričardasresearch article
2001Statistical classification of households in LithuaniaKrikštolaitis, Ričardas; Kaminskienė, Bronislavaresearch article
2001Development of Linnik’s work in his investigation of the probabilities of large deviationAleškevičienė, A; Statulevičius, Vytautas; Padvelskis, Kazimierasresearch article
2001Application of computer network to solve the complex applied multiple criteria optimization problemsDzemyda, Gintautas; Petkus, Tomasresearch article
2001Computer networks in multiple criteria optimizationDzemyda, Gintautas; Petkus, Tomasresearch article
2003Analysis of the Lithuanian teacher's databases: flows and prognoses of teachers and pupilsDzemyda, Gintautas; Kurasova, Olga; Šaltenis, Vydūnas; Tiešis, Vytautasresearch article
2003On multimodality of the SSTRESS criterion for metric multidimensional scalingŽilinskas, Antanas; Podlipskytė, Aurelijaresearch article
2004On optimization over a small implicitly defined feasible regionŽilinskas, Antanas; Mackutė, Aušraresearch article
2004Calibrated estimators of totals under different distance measuresPlikusas, Aleksandras; Pumputis, Daliusresearch article
2004Parabolinio uždavinio su nelokaliosiomis sąlygomis suvedimas į integralinę lygtįPečiulytė, Sigita; Štikonas, Artūrasconference paper
2005Sturm-Liouville problem for stationary differential operator with nonlocal integral boundary conditionPečiulytė, Sigita; Štikonienė, Olga; Štikonas, Artūrasresearch article
2005Web-based tool for management of CAD patients after coronary bypass surgeryVaroneckas, Audrius; Mackutė, Aušra; Martinkėnas, Arvydas; Žilinskas, Antanas; Varoneckas, Giedriusresearch article
2005Composite estimators for the sample and frame changing pointsPlikusas, Aleksandras; Pumputis, Daliusconference paper
2006Multidimensional scaling using parallel genetic algorithmVaroneckas, Audrius; Žilinskas, Antanas; Žilinskas, Juliusresearch article
2006Data analysis and visualisation for robust multi-criteria process optimisationŽilinskas, Antanas; Fraga, E. S; Mackutė-Varoneckienė, Aušraresearch article
2006Decision support for preliminary medical diagnosis integrating the data mining methodsBernatavičienė, Jolita; Dzemyda, Gintautas; Kurasova, Olga; Marcinkevičius, Virginijusresearch article
2006Calibrated estimators of finite population covariancePlikusas, Aleksandras; Pumputis, Daliusresearch article
2006Integration of classification and visualization for diagnosis decisionsBernatavičienė, Jolita; Dzemyda, Gintautas; Kurasova, Olga; Vainoras, Alfonsasresearch article
2006Testing the relational perspective map for visualization of multidimensional dataKarbauskaitė, Rasa; Marcinkevičius, Virginijus; Dzemyda, Gintautasresearch article
2006Strategies of selecting the basic vector set in the relative MDSBernatavičienė, Jolita; Dzemyda, Gintautas; Kurasova, Olga; Marcinkevičius, Virginijusresearch article