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2017The new nomos of the earth and the channelling of violenceKalpokas, Ignasresearch article
2017Book review: Barbara Koremenos, The Continent of international law: explaining agreement designKalpokas, Ignasreview article
2017Book review: Dimiter Toshkov, Research design in political scienceKalpokas, Ignasreview article
2017Book review: Margaret Moore, A political theory of territoryKalpokas, Ignasreview article
2017Book review: Carlo Galli, Janus’s Gaze: essays on Carl SchmittKalpokas, Ignasreview article
2017Information warfare on social media: a brand management perspectiveKalpokas, Ignasresearch article
2018Iš informacijos amžiaus į patirties amžių: po tiesos visuomenės iššūkiaiKalpokas, Ignasresearch article
2018Creativity and limitation in political communities: Spinoza, Schmitt and orderingKalpokas, Ignasbook
2018On guilt and post-truth escapism: developing a theoryKalpokas, Ignasresearch article
2019Affective encounters of the algorithmic kind: post-truth and posthuman pleasureKalpokas, Ignasresearch article
2019Developing a Theory of Post-Truth: How to Remain Scientific When “Doing” Theory?Kalpokas, Ignasbook
2019Debating humanitarian intervention: should we try to save strangers?Kalpokas, Ignasreview article
2019A political theory of post-truthKalpokas, Ignasbook
2020Post-truth and the changing information environmentKalpokas, Ignasresearch article
2020Creating students’ algorithmic selves: shedding light on social media’s representational affordancesKalpokas, Ignas; Sabaliauskaitė, Emilija; Pegushina, Victoriaresearch article
2020Contemplating a cyber weapons convention: an exploration of good practice and necessary preconditionsKalpokienė, Julija; Kalpokas, Ignasresearch article
2020Agglomerations, relationality, and in-betweenness: re-learning to research agency in digital communicationKalpokas, Ignasresearch article
2021Towards an affective philosophy of the digital: Posthumanism, hybrid agglomerations and SpinozaKalpokas, Ignasresearch article