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2013A comparison of approaches for sentiment classification on Lithuanian internet commentsKapočiūtė-Dzikienė, Jurgita; Krupavičius, Algis; Krilavičius, Tomasresearch article
2020Application of deep learning for lithuanian language technologiesBriedienė, Monika; Krilavičius, Tomasconference paper
2015Application of multiple linear regression for indirect tracking of functional target for respiratory compensation in radiotherapyKrilavičius, Tomas; Užupytė, Rūta; Žliobaitė, Indrė; Simonavičius, Henrikasresearch article
2017Automated analysis of the content of selected open access internet sources as a tool for government decision makingFomin, Vladislav V; Krilavičius, Tomas; Mickevičius, Vytautas; Vitkutė-Adžgauskienė, Daiva; Mackutė-Varoneckienė, Aušra; Valterytė, Rita; Tauginas, Tomas; Veršinskas, Dominykas; Veršinskienė, Egidija; Bružė, Evaldasresearch article
2015Automatic classification of Lithuanian Parliament billsMackutė-Varoneckienė, Aušra; Krilavičius, Tomas; Man, Ka Lokconference paper
2020Automatic content analysis of social media short texts: scoping review of methods and toolsKasperiūnienė, Judita; Briedienė, Monika; Žydžiūnaitė, Vilmaresearch article
2015Automatic thematic classification of the titles of the Seimas votesMickevičius, Vytautas; Krilavičius, Tomas; Morkevičius, Vaidas; Mackutė-Varoneckienė, Aušraresearch article
2015Classification of short legal Lithuanian textsMickevičius, Vytautas; Krilavičius, Tomas; Morkevičius, Vaidasresearch article
2013Correlation of external markers and functional targets for respiration compensation in radiotherapyKrilavičius, Tomas; Užupytė, Rūta; Žliobytė, Indrė; Simonavičius, Henrikasresearch article
2020Current state of the art of AI computing, IoT and Big Data technologiesMan, Ka Lok; Krilavičius, Tomas; Park, Sangohconference paper
2018Detecting information-dense texts: towards an automated analysisKalinauskaitė, Danguolėresearch article
2020Development and research in Lithuanian language technologies (2016-2020)Utka, Andrius; Vaičenonienė, Jurgita; Briedienė, Monika; Krilavičius, Tomasresearch article
2014Empirical study on unsupervised feature selection for document clusteringMackutė-Varoneckienė, Aušra; Krilavičius, Tomasresearch article
2016An exploratory enalysis of the relation between metabolic syndrome factors and microRNA dataUžupytė, Rūta; Krilavičius, Tomas; Navickas, R; Šatrauskienė, Aconference paper
2020Fraudulent behaviour identification in ethereum blockchainLašas, Karolis; Kasputytė, Gabrielė; Užupytė, Rūta; Krilavičius, Tomasresearch article
2018The Generation of electricity load profiles using K-means clustering algorithmUžupytė, Rūta; Babarskis, Tomas; Krilavičius, Tomasresearch article
2015Indirect tracking of functional target for respiration compensation in radiotherapyUžupytė, Rūta; Man, Ka Lok; Krilavičius, Tomas; Žliobaitė, Indrė; Simonavičius, Henrikasresearch article
2020Logistics service provider selection using TOPSIS and VIKOR methodsServaitė, Dovilė; Užupytė, Rūta; Krilavičius, Tomasresearch article
2020Methodology for determining the informativity of Lithuanian textsKalinauskaitė, Danguolė; Krilavičius, Tomasresearch article
2021Mir-1, miR-122, miR-132, and miR-133 are related to subclinical aortic atherosclerosis associated with metabolic syndromeŠatrauskienė, Agnė; Navickas, Rokas; Laucevičius, Aleksandras; Krilavičius, Tomas; Užupytė, Rūta; Zdanytė, Monika; Ryliškytė, Ligita; Jucevičienė, Agnė; Holvoet, Paulresearch article