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2011Optical properties of composite Nd : YAG ceramic slab laser active element with collinear zigzag pumpingAleknavičius, Aidas; Michailovas, Andrejus; Gabalis, Martynas; Girdauskas, Valdasresearch article
2011Numerical simulation of thermal effects in composite Nd : YAG slab laser active medium with collinear zig-zag pumpingGabalis, Martynas; Girdauskas, Valdas; Aleknavičius, Aidas; Michailovas, Andrejusconference paper
2013Aberrations induced by anti-ASE cap on thin-disk active elementAleknavičius, Aidas; Gabalis, Martynas; Michailovas, Andrejus; Girdauskas, Valdasresearch article