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24-May-2017F. Dostojevskio filosofinė recepcijaRutkauskaitė, Dianamaster thesis
2015Face recognition peculiarities of different age people in a Lithuanian sampleSaikauskienė, Albina; Daugirdienė, Aušraresearch article
2004Fachdeutsch. Chemie. Vom Lesen zum SprechenAmbrazevičienė, Irena Vincentabook
2015Factors affecting the professional adaptation of beginner physical education teachersŠatikauskaitė, E; Poteliūnienė, Snieginaconference paper
2018Factors affecting the state of being in front of the audienceKirliauskienė, Rasaresearch article
2013Factors determining personal career planning and choices of profession among future teachers of musicRauduvaitė, Asta; Lasauskienė, Jolantaresearch article
2011The factors determining professional career of females from different social groups : reflexive attitudePečiuliauskienė, Palmira; Barkauskaitė, Marijonaresearch article
2010The factors determining professional career of females from different social groups: reflexive attitudeBarkauskaitė, Marija; Pečiuliauskienė, Palmiraresearch article
3-Jun-2016Factors for developing future music teachers’ intercultural competenceYiwei, Zhangmaster thesis
2016Factors increasing motivation for life-long learning: non-formal education in higer education institutionsJucevičiūtė-Bartkevičienė, Vaiva; Avşar Karabaş, Pelin; Bartkevičius, Ričardasconference paper
2017Factors influencing the cultural competence of pre-service teachers of foreign languagesMazlaveckienė, Gerdaresearch article
2014Factors influencing the training of various age football players and track and field athletesŽilinskienė, Nelė; Gražulis, Donatas; Radžiukynas, Dariusconference paper
2016Factors motivating athletes to choose and practice track-and-field athleticsŽilinskienė, Nelė; Radžiukynas, Darius; Četkauskas, Augustasconference paper
2007Factors of aesthetic relationship of schoolchildren with the visual environmentMulevičienė, Jolitaresearch article
2018Factors that encourage the process of inclusive education in the context of legal prerequisites for change in the system: teacher's approachGalkienė, Alvyraresearch article
2011Factors that encourage young people to practice soccerGražulis, Donatas; Radžiukynas, Darius; Jančiauskas, Vytasconference paper
2005Factors that influence fourth - formers' achievements in the native language (Lithuanian)Kalesnikienė, Danguolė; Jakavonytė, Daivaresearch article
2011Factors, having burdening effect on coach-athlete relationship and motivation for sporting activityPoteliūnienė, Sniegina; Sabaliauskas, Stanislavresearch article
2012Fakto ir fikcijos santykis Vandos Juknaitės „Išsiduosi. Balsu“ = The ratio of fact and fiction in the work “My Voice Betrays Me” by Vanda JuknaitėVanagaitė, Gitanaresearch article
2007Faktorinė analizė švietimo tyrimuoseKožemiakina, Veronika; Sičiūnienė, Viktorijaresearch article