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2021Can mHealth interventions improve quality of life of cancer patients? A systematic review and meta-analysisBunevičienė, Inesa; Mekary, Rania A; Smith, Timothy R; Onnela, Jukka-Pekka; Bunevičius, Adomasresearch article
2021Challenges to the European security architecture: narratives of control and influenceAdamski, Łukasz; Pundziute-Gallois, Emilija; Liekis, Šarūnas; Rusinaitė, Viktorija; Wyciszkiewicz, Ernestbook
2011Changing practices of journalismBalčytienė, Auksė; Raeymaeckers, Karin; Vartanova, Elenabook part
2013A Conceptual guide to the analysis of Central and East European transformationsBalčytienė, Auksėresearch article
2020Contemplating a cyber weapons convention: an exploration of good practice and necessary preconditionsKalpokienė, Julija; Kalpokas, Ignasresearch article
2008Country Branding : Qualitatively New Shifts in Country Image CommunicationDagytė, Ina; Zykas, Aurelijusresearch article
2020Creating students’ algorithmic selves: shedding light on social media’s representational affordancesKalpokas, Ignas; Sabaliauskaitė, Emilija; Pegushina, Victoriaresearch article
2009Creative self-management : from designing a course to an innovattion offer for a business organizationDagytė, Inaresearch article
2010Creative self-management as a tool of enhancing innovation’s portfolio of business organizationDagytė, Inaresearch article
2018Creativity and limitation in political communities: Spinoza, Schmitt and orderingKalpokas, Ignasbook
2021Crisis of agency in Central and Eastern Europe: from the consolidation of media freedom to the institutionalization of free choiceBalčytienė, Auksėresearch article
2011A cross-regional comparison of selected European newspaper journalists and their evolving attitudes towards the internet - including a single-country focus on the UKMacGregor, Philip; Balčytienė, Auksė; Fortunati, Leopoldina; Nuust, Vallo; O’Sullivan, John; Roussou, Nayia; Salaverría, Ramón; Sarrica, Mauroresearch article
2012Culture as a guide in theoretical explorations of Baltic mediaBalčytienė, Auksėbook part
2012Dependencies, parallelisms, and connections : Central and East European media as systems in fluxBalčytienė, Auksėresearch article
2019Developing a Theory of Post-Truth: How to Remain Scientific When “Doing” Theory?Kalpokas, Ignasbook
2013The Dynamics and determinants of Central and Eastern European democratization : how cultural particularities are shaping media lifeBalčytienė, Auksėresearch article
2010The early stages of the integration of the internet in EU newsroomsSarrica, Mauro; Fortunati, Leopoldina; O'Sullivan, John; Balčytienė, Auksė; Macgregor, Phil; Nuust, Vallo; Roussou, Nayia; Meso, Koldobika; Pereira, Xosé; Luca, Federico deresearch article
2011Editors’ introduction : how to deal with uncertainty in modern communicationsBalčytienė, Auksė; Vinciūnienė, Aušrajournal article
2013The effectiveness of teacher’s and peer’s feedback in large groupsJakubsonas, Kristijonasresearch article
2009Effects of oxygen and carbon impurities on hydrogen storage properties of MgNi alloy filmsPranevičius, Liudvikas; Milčius, Darius; Lelis, Martynas; Bačianskas, Aliusconference paper