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2015The synthesis of silver nano-wedges decorated substrates for the detection of molecular traces by Surface Enhanced Raman SpectroscopyRamanauskaitė, Lina; Xu, Huizhong; Žūkienė, Rasa; Snitka, Valentinasconference paper
2015Novel plasmonic probes for Tip-Enhanced Raman spectroscopySnitka, Valentinas; Ramanauskaitė, Lina; Xu, Huizhong; Gadisauskas, Tomas; Žūkienė, Rasaconference paper
2017Evaluation of different preparation techniques of silver probes for tip-enhanced raman spectroscopyLendraitis, Vitas; Griškonis, Egidijus; Ramanauskaitė, Lina; Xu, Huizhong; Snitka, Valentinasconference paper
2017Plasmonic nanoprobes for surface enhanced raman spectroscopy of biological moleculesLendraitis, Vitas; Ramanauskaitė, Lina; Xu, Huizhong; Snitka, Valentinasconference paper
2018Comparison and evaluation of silver probe preparation techniques for tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopyRamanauskaitė, Lina; Xu, Huizhong; Griškonis, Egidijus; Batiuškaitė, Danutė; Snitka, Valentinasresearch article