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2006Past and present nest-site requirements of the Lesser Spotted Eagle (Aquila pomarina C.L.Brehm) and their possible conflicts with timber harvestingTreinys, Rimgaudas; Mozgeris, Gintautasresearch article
2006Europos bendrijos svarbios gyvūnų rūšių monitoringo metodikos : paukščiaiRaudonikis, Liutauras; Stanevičius, Vitas; Brazaitis, Gediminas; Sorokaitė, Jurgita; Treinys, Rimgaudas; Dagys, Mindaugas; Dementavičius, Deivisbook
2009Breeding Habitat of the Black Stork Ciconia nigra in Lithuania: Implications for Conservation PlanningTreinys, Rimgaudas; Stončius, Darius; Augutis, Danas; Skuja, Saulisresearch article
2009Nest-site use by Black Stork and Lesser Spotted Eagle in relation to fragmented forest cover: case study from LithuaniaTreinys, Rimgaudas; Skuja, Saulis; Augutis, Danas; Stončius, Dariusresearch article
2010Relationship between the Productivity of the Lesser Spotted Eagle Aquila pomarina and Forest Characteristics at the Macrohabitat LevelTreinys, Rimgaudas; Mozgeris, Gintautasresearch article
2011Coexistence of protected avian predators: does a recovering population of White-tailed Eagle threaten to exclude other avian predators?Treinys, Rimgaudas; Dementavičius, Deivis; Mozgeris, Gintautas; Skuja, Saulis; Rumbutis, Saulius; Stončius, Dariusresearch article
2014Understanding habitat conservation costs and benefits in the context of wood economy: case study on lesser spotted eagle nest site protectionMozgeris, Gintautas; Treinys, Rimgaudas; Činga, Gintautasconference paper
2015Comprehension of conservation costs in the context of wood economy: a case study on lesser spotted eagle protection on special protection areasMozgeris, Gintautas; Treinys, Rimgaudas; Činga, Gintautasresearch article
2016Settlement, habitat preference, reproduction, and genetic diversity in recovering the white-tailed eagle Haliaeetus albicilla populationTreinys, Rimgaudas; Dementavičius, Deivis; Rumbutis, Saulius; Švažas, Saulius; Butkauskas, Dalius; Sruoga, Aniolas; Dagys, Mindaugasresearch article
2016Can intensified forestry be responsible for changes in habitat usage by the forest-dwelling Black Stork?Treinys, Rimgaudas; Mozgeris, Gintautas; Skuja, Saulisresearch article
2019May sympatric lesser spotted eagles and black storks compete for nesting sites in spatially varying environments?Skuja, Saulis; Mozgeris, Gintautas; Treinys, Rimgaudasresearch article
2021Future projection for forest management suggests a decrease in the availability of nesting habitats for a mature-forest-nesting raptorMozgeris, Gintautas; Mörtberg, Ulla; Pang, Xi-Lillian; Trubins, Renats; Treinys, Rimgaudasresearch article
2021Sustainability assessment of intensified forestry - forest bioenergy versus forest biodiversity targeting forest birdsMörtberg, Ulla; Pang, Xi-Lillian; Treinys, Rimgaudas; Trubins, Renats; Mozgeris, Gintautasresearch article