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1-Jun-2017Does humanitarian intervention violate sovereignty of the state?Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas. Teisės fakultetas; Szymanski, Charles; Nacevičiūtė, EitvydėMagistro darbas / Master thesis
5-Jun-2019Does the migration policy of eu members violate international migration and human rignts law regarding migrants?Szymanski, Charles; Skrypka, AlinaMagistro darbas / Master thesis
18-Jun-2020The rights of States on the Moon and other celestial bodiesSzymanski, Charles; Zakas, IlmarasBakalauro darbas / Bachelor thesis
7-Jun-2018Whether a right to repair should exist in any jurisdiction?Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas. Teisės fakultetas; Szymanski, Charles; Kulaitis, LinasMagistro darbas / Master thesis
7-Jun-2018Whether international treaty bodies have struck a proper balance between the freedom from incitement to racial discrimination specified in article 4 of International Convention on the Elimination of all forms of racial discrimination and the freedom of expression specified in article 10 of European Convention on Human rights?Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas. Teisės fakultetas; Szymanski, Charles; Kvetkauskas, RobertasMagistro darbas / Master thesis
19-Jun-2020Whether neutrality principle are breach when mediator tries to solve power imbalance between the parties?Szymanski, Charles; Žižys, LukasMagistro darbas / Master thesis
10-Jan-2020Whether new democracies and emerging economies can implement adr effectively in domestic judicial systems and use international experience as guidelines?Szymanski, Charles; Londaridze, GiorgiMagistro darbas / Master thesis
19-Jun-2020Whether Russia's actions in Crimea, leading up to and including its annexation, violated international law?Szymanski, Charles; Bittins, ViktorijaMagistro darbas / Master thesis
19-Jun-2020Whether the International Criminal Court is Exercising Its Authority in a Discriminatory Way Against Less Developed Countries?Szymanski, Charles; Naujokaitytė, JustinaMagistro darbas / Master thesis
5-Jun-2019Whether the public policy exception to the enforcement of arbitration awards should be standardized in international arbitration?Szymanski, Charles; Anužas, TadasMagistro darbas / Master thesis
7-Jun-2018Whether there is a right to remedial secession under international law?Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas. Teisės fakultetas; Szymanski, Charles; Levinskas, RokasMagistro darbas / Master thesis