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2007Considerations on influence of charge distribution on determination of biomolecules and microorganisms and tailoring the monolithic (continuous bed) materials for bioseparationsSzumski, Michał; Kłodzińska, Ewa; Jarmalavičienė, Reda; Maruška, Audrius; Buszewski, Bogusławresearch article
2007Coupling of capillary electrophoresis with solid phase microextraction on restricted-access media for fast determination of minute amounts of benzodiazepines in biological fluidsJarmalavičienė, Reda; Žukauskas, Ugnius; Szumski, Michał; Kornyšova, Olga; Westerlund, Douglas; Buszewski, Bogusław; Maruška, Audriusresearch article
2008Coupling of solid-phase microextraction continuous bed (monolithic) capillaries with capillary zone electrophoresis for direct analysis of drugs in biological fluidsJarmalavičienė, Reda; Szumski, Michał; Kornyšova, Olga; Kłodzińska, Ewa; Westerlund, Douglas; Krawczyk, Stanislas; Mickevičius, Donatas; Buszewski, Boguslaw; Maruška, Audriusresearch article
2008Determination of volatile and non-volatile products of milk fermentation processes using capillary zone electrophoresis and solid phase microextraction coupled to gas chromatographyLigor, Magdalena; Jarmalavičienė, Reda; Szumski, Michał; Maruška, Audrius; Buszewski, Boguslawresearch article
2009Migration of bacteria through a monolithBuszewski, Bogusław; Szumski, Michał; Kłodzińska, Ewa; Jarmalavičienė, Reda; Maruška, Audriusresearch article