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2016Evaluation of wear and physical qualities of traditional and biodegradable polymeric films with Braille under vibrationsVenytė, Ingrida; Kibirkštis, Edmundas; Miliūnas, Valdas; Vaitasius, Kęstutis; Stepanenko, A; Ragulskis, Kazimieras; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2017Detection of the surface defects in thin polymeric films using projection moiréMiliūnas, Valdas; Voloshin, A; Kibirkštis, Edmundas; Stepanenko, A; Buškuvienė, Nijolė; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article
2017Study of defectoscopy of partially biodegradable LDPE filmsKibirkštis, Edmundas; Miliūnas, Valdas; Vaitasius, Kęstutis; Kabelkaitė Lukoševičė, Asta; Stepanenko, A; Ragulskis, Liutaurasresearch article