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2018CuO nanoparticles influence on quail physiological parametersSirvydis, Vytautas-Konstantinas; Gaina, Mindaugas; Tribulas, Lukas Gabrielius; Bobinienė, Rasa; Semaška, Vytautas; Gefenienė, Audronė; Gudavičiūtė, Diana; Vencius, Daniusconference paper
2018Effect of prebiotic on intestinal microflora, carcass and meat chemical composition of broiler chickensSirvydis, Vytautas-Konstantinas; Gaina, Mindaugas; Bobinienė, Rasa; Gudavičiūtė, Diana; Semaška, Vytautas; Vencius, Daniusconference paper