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2012A novel approach for genome-wide screening for the host factors modulating resistance to K2 killer toxin in budding yeastServienė, Elena; Orentaitė, Irma; Lukša, Juliana; Podoliankaitė, Monika; Galvonaitė, Ieva; Lafontaine, Denis; Urbonavičius, Jauniusconference paper
2012Screening the budding yeast genome reveals unique factors affecting K2 toxin susceptibilityServienė, Elena; Lukša, Juliana; Orentaitė, Irma; Lafontaine, Denis; Urbonavičius, Jauniusresearch article
2012Saccharomyces cerevisiae produced K2 toxin effects on microbial cellsOrentaitė, Irma; Žilinskienė, Laura; Servienė, Elena; Daugelavičius, Rimantasconference paper