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2004Производство и использование экологически чистого биотопливаScholz, Volkhard; Liubarskis, Vladimirasresearch article
2004Environmentally friendly production and combustion of various energy plants and by-productsScholz, Volkhard; Liubarskis, Vladimiras; Burneika, Gediminasresearch article
2005Энергетические аспекты производства и использования биотопливаLiubarskis, Vladimiras; Scholz, Volkhardresearch article
2005Energy balance of biofuel production and applicationScholz, Volkhard; Liubarskis, Vladimirasresearch article
2006Energy rate analysis of biofuel production and consumption from biomassScholz, Volkhard; Liubarskis, Vladimiras; Dravininkas, Almutasresearch article
2008Harvesting machinery for short rotation coppicesScholz, Volkhard; Liubarskis, Vladimirasresearch article
2008Augalų biomasės nuėmimo ir ruošimo kurui technologijos ir vertinimas : studijaJasinskas, Algirdas; Scholz, Volkhardbook
2009Use of biofuels in cogeneration energy plantLiubarskis, Vladimiras; Ambrulevičius, Rimvydas; Scholz, Volkhardresearch article
2013Long term yields and gas emissions from poplar and willow grown on agricultural land in dependence to nitrogen fertilizationPecenka, Ralf; Balasus, Antje; Scholz, Volkhard; Kern, Jürgen; Lenz, HannesStraipsnis / Article