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2015Differentiations of chitin content and surface morphologies of chitins extracted from male and female grasshopper speciesKaya, Murat; Lelešius, Evaldas; Nagrockaitė, Radvilė; Sargin, Idris; Arslan, Gulsin; Mol, Abbas; Baran, Talat; Can, Esra; Bitim, Betulresearch article
2015How taxonomic relations affect the physicochemical properties of chitinKaya, Murat; Baublys, Vykintas; Sargin, Idris; Šatkauskienė, Ingrida; Paulauskas, Algimantas; Akyuz, Bahar; Bulut, Esra; Tubelytė-Kirdienė, Vaida; Baran, Talat; Seyyar, Osman; Kabalak, Mahmut; Yurtmen, Huseyinresearch article
2016DNA interaction, antitumor and antimicrobial activities of three-dimensional chitosan ring produced from the body segments of a diplopodKaya, Murat; Akyuz, Bahar; Bulut, Esra; Sargin, Idris; Tan, Gamze; Erdonmez, Demet; Maheta, Mansi; Šatkauskas, Saulius; Mickevičius, Sauliusresearch article
2016Three-dimensional chitin rings from body segments of a pet diplopod species: characterization and protein interaction studiesKaya, Murat; Mulerčikas, Povilas; Sargin, Idris; Kazlauskaitė, Sonata; Baublys, Vykintas; Akyuz, Bahar; Bulut, Esra; Tubelytė-Kirdienė, Vaidaresearch article
2016Gender influences differentiation of chitin among body partsKaya, Murat; Bulut, Esra; Muhammad, Mujtaba; Sivickis, Karolis; Sargin, Idris; Akyuz, Bahar; Erdoǧan, Sevilresearch article
2017Biological, mechanical, optical and physicochemical properties of natural chitin films obtained from the dorsal pronotum and the wing of cockroachKaya, Murat; Sargin, Idris; Sabeckis, Ignas; Noreikaitė, Deimantė; Erdonmez, Demet; Salaberria, Asier M; Labidi, Jalel; Baublys, Vykintas; Tubelytė-Kirdienė, Vaidaresearch article
2017Conversion of waste parasite insect (Hylobius Abietis L.) into antioxidative, antimicrobial, biodegradable and edible filmsMulerčikas, Povilas; Kaya, Murat; Sargin, Idris; Labidi, Jalel; Salaberria, Asier M; Cakmak, Yavuz S; Kazlauskaitė, Sonata; Erdonmez, Demet; Baublys, Vykintasconference paper
2017Effect of molecular weight of chitosan on the shelf life and other quality parameters of three different cultivars of Actinidia kolomikta (kiwifruit)Drevinskas, Tomas; Naujokaitytė, Gintarė; Maruška, Audrius; Kaya, Murat; Sargin, Idris; Daubaras, Remigijus; Česonienė, Laimaresearch article
2019Conversion of waste parasitic insect (Hylobius abietis L.) into antioxidative, antimicrobial and biodegradable filmsKaya, Murat; Sargin, Idris; Mulerčikas, Povilas; Labidi, Jalel; Salaberria, Asier M; Cakmak, Yavuz S; Kazlauskaitė, Sonata; Erdonmez, Demet; Baublys, Vykintasresearch article