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11-Jun-2019Effects of mobility and heritage on lay-perceptions of German dialectsMammitzsch, AnnaMagistro darbas / Master thesis
9-Jun-2020English as a Lingua Franca in International Dinner Conversations : Towards Mutual UnderstandingMori, YasuhiroMagistro darbas / Master thesis
19-Jun-2020Hate speech on FacebookVasiliauskas, TomasBakalauro darbas / Bachelor thesis
23-Jun-2020Informal language use in soap operas: a corpus-based studyLiang, XiaoBakalauro darbas / Bachelor thesis
11-Jun-2019Language-Political Concepts And Practices In German Language PromotionEngels, FarinMagistro darbas / Master thesis
11-Jun-2019Lithuanian English Variety Preferences in Writing: British or AmericanNg, Eugene Shear KuangMagistro darbas / Master thesis
2006Lithuanian shop signs: national or international?Ruzaitė, JūratėStraipsnis / Article
11-Jan-2018Neapykantos kalbinė raiška internetiniuose komentaruoseJonaitienė, RaimondaMagistro darbas / Master thesis
9-Jun-2020Nedersaksisch in the Netherlands: Attitudes towards its Recognition as a regional Language and the Impact on Language PrestigeThomas, KatharinaMagistro darbas / Master thesis
12-Jun-2019Of Murderers and Saints: Vegan vs. Omnivore Discourses on the WebTraurig, FranziskaMagistro darbas / Master thesis
11-Jun-2019Pee-pee time: reading and interpreting transgressive signs in female and male public restrooms in Vilnius and KaunasKrogh, SeverijaMagistro darbas / Master thesis
22-May-2019Political implications of language: terms indicating “Chineseness” in the PRC official rhetoric on TaiwanJanulevičiūtė, EditaMagistro darbas / Master thesis
13-Jun-2017Standard language ideology and its influence on Lithuanian migrants. Samogitians' attitudes towards their language varietyNugaraitė, IndrėMagistro darbas / Master thesis
23-Jun-2020Stereotypes about African Americans on Public MediaRamanauskas, AivarasBakalauro darbas / Bachelor thesis