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2015Consumers’ willingness to pay for agroecosystem services in Lithuania: first results from a choice experiment pilot surveyNovikova, Anastasija; Rocchi, Lucia; Vitunskienė, Vladaresearch article
2017Assessing the benefit of the agroecosystem services: Lithuanian preferences using a latent class approachNovikova, Anastasija; Rocchi, Lucia; Vitunskienė, Vladaresearch article
2019Valuing agricultural landscape: Lithuanian case study using a contingent valuation methodNovikova, Anastasija; Rocchi, Lucia; Vaznonis, Bernardasresearch article
2020Valuation of non-market outputs in dairy systemNovikova, Anastasija; Rocchi, Luciaconference paper
2020Integrated assessment of farming system outputs: Lithuanian case studyNovikova, Anastasija; Rocchi, Lucia; Startienė, Gražinaresearch article