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2004Habitat modelling as a tool for landscape-scale conservation - a review of parameters for focal forest birdsAngelstam, Per; Roberge, Jean-Michel; Lohmus, A; Bergmanis, M; Brazaitis, Gediminas; Dönz-Breuss, M; Edenius, L; Kosinski, Z; Kurlavičius, Petras; Larmanis, V; Lūkins, M; Mikusinski, G; Račinskis, E; Strazds, M; Tryjanowski, Presearch article
2005Age-related effects of clear-cut-old forest edges on bird communities in LithuaniaBrazaitis, Gediminas; Roberge, Jean-Michel; Angelstam, Per; Marozas, Vitas; Pėtelis, Kęstutisresearch article
2005Afforestation planning and biodiversity conservation: predicting effects on habitat functionality in LithuaniaLazdinis, Marius; Roberge, Jean-Michel; Kurlavičius, Petras; Mozgeris, Gintautas; Angelstam, Perresearch article