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2003Changes in Forest Litter Thickness and pH at Various Distances from Tree StemsVaičys, Mečislovas; Raguotis, Algimantasconference paper
2003The abundance of soil microflora in polluted substratesZenkovaitė, Jūratė; Raguotis, Algimantasconference paper
2004Ecological consequences of wood ASH application in forestsOzolinčius, Remigijus; Ingerslev, Morten; Armolaitis, Kęstutis; Raguotis, Algimantas; Zenkovaitė, Jūratė; Varnagirytė, Ivetaresearch article
2005Acidification and alkalization of forest litters in Lithuania: effect on denitrification and nitrificationArmolaitis, Kęstutis; Raguotis, Algimantas; Zenkovaitė, Jūratėresearch article
2006Influence of wood ash recycling on chemical and biological condition of forest ArenosolsOzolinčius, Remigijus; Armolaitis, Kęstutis; Raguotis, Algimantas; Varnagirytė, Iveta; Zenkovaitė, Jūratėresearch article
2007Short term effects of compensatory wood ash fertilization on soil, ground vegetation and tree foliage in scots pine standsOzolinčius, Remigijus; Varnagirytė-Kabašinskienė, Iveta; Armolaitis, Kęstutis; Gaitnieks, Talis; Buožytė, Rasa; Raguotis, Algimantas; Skuodienė, Laima; Aleinikovienė, Jūratė; Stakėnas, Vidasresearch article