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2017The role of microbiological preparations in improving the quality of potato tubersPszczółkowski, Piotr; Sawicka, Barbara; Danilčenko, Honorata; Jarienė, Elvyraconference paper
2018Variation in productivity of Ipomoea batatas at various rates of nitrogen fertilizationSawicka, Barbara; Michalek, Wladyslaw; Pszczółkowski, Piotr; Danilčenko, Honorataresearch article
2019Quality of sweet potato as a raw material for food processingSawicka, Barbara; Krochmal-Marczak, Barbara; Skiba, Dominika; Pszczółkowski, PiotrStraipsnis / Article
2019Effect of biopreparates on the dry matter, starching and vitamin C in potato tubersPszczółkowski, Piotr; Savicka, Barbara; Danilčenko, Honorataresearch article
2019Nondestructive detection of hollow heart in potatoes using ultrasonicsSavicka, Barbara; Pszczółkowski, Piotr; Barbaś, Piotr; Danilčenko, Honorata; Kieltyka-Dadasiewicz, Annaconference paper
2020Impact of ultrasounds on physicochemical characteristics of potato tubersSavicka, Barbara; Pszczółkowski, Piotr; Danilčenko, Honorata; Jarienė, Elvyraresearch article
2020Phenotypic yield and its structure variability of moderately late and late potato cultivarsPszczółkowski, Piotr; Sawicka, Barbara; Jarienė, Elvyra; Kieltyka-Dadasiewicz, Annaresearch article
2021Nutritional value of Jerusalem artichoke tubers (Helianthus tuberosus L.) grown in organic system under Lithuanian and Polish conditionsSawicka, Barbara; Danilčenko, Honorata; Jarienė, Elvyra; Skiba, Dominika; Rachoń, Leszek; Barbaś, Piotr; Pszczółkowski, Piotrresearch article