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2019Sustainable, circular and innovative value chains using growing substrata alternative to peat for the cultivation of nutraceutical speciesGreco, Carlo; Comparetti, Antonio; Mammano, Michele Massimo; Orlando, SantoStraipsnis / Article
2019Valorisation of urban green areas for producing renewable energy and biochar as growing substrate of Sicilian aromatic and nutraceutical species in a circular economyComparetti, Antonio; Greco, Carlo; Mammano, Michele Massimo; Navickas, Kęstutis; Santo, Orlando; Venslauskas, Kęstutisresearch article
2019Innovation for the Italian agricurtural and food industry sectorGreco, Carlo; Campiotti, Alessandro; Latini, Arianna; Agnello, Alessandro; Jotautienė, Eglė; Mammano, Michele Massimoresearch article
2019Biowaste in a circular bioeconomy in Mediterranean area: A case study of compost and vermicompost as growing substrates alternative to peatGreco, Carlo; Agnello, Alessandro; Placa, Giulia La; Mammano, Michele Massimo; Navickas, Kęstutisresearch article