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2003Evaluation of Composting Process by FT-IR SpectroscopyGrube, M; Paulauskas, Valdas; Lin, J.-G; Zarina, D; Janulis, Prutenis; Makarevičienė, Violeta; Dubova, L; Berzins, Aresearch article
2004Biofertilizer production from renewable organic wastesPaulauskas, Valdas; Sabienė, Nomeda; Janulis, Prutenis; Navickas, Kęstutis; Makarevičienė, Violeta; Lin, J.-G; Chen, S.-Y; Grube, M; Zarina, D; Dubova, L; Berzins, Aresearch article
2004Efficient Biodegradable Organic Waste Recycling in AgriculturePaulauskas, Valdas; Janulis, Prutenis; Zarina, Dzidra; Grube, Mara; Makarevičienė, Violeta; Sabienė, Nomeda; Lin, J.-G; Chen, S.-Yresearch article