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2017Diversified production and bioenergy conversion for rural developmentGolub, Gennadii; Kukharets, Savelii; Yarosh, Yaroslav; Zavadska, OksanaStraipsnis / Article
2019Review of different agricultural machineries chassis influence on soil compaction and environmental pollutionZabrodskyi, Andrii; Šarauskis, Egidijus; Kriaučiūnienė, Zita; Kukharets, Saveliiconference paper
2019Reducing soil compaction using various wheels and tracks: a reviewZabrodskyi, Andrii; Šarauskis, Egidijus; Kukharets, Savelii; Juodelytė, Jūratėresearch article
2019Determination of the rational profile for the disk working tool when cultivating of sod podzolic soilsZabrodskyi, Pavlo; Kukharets, Savelii; Zabrodskyi, Andrii; Čėsna, Jonasresearch article
2019Graph-AnalyticaL Optimization of the Transverse VerticaL Cross-Section of a Contact Zone Between Soil and an Elastic Wheeled MoverSheludchenko, Bogdan; Šarauskis, Egidijus; Golub, Gennadii; Kukharets, Savelii; Medvedskyi, Oleksandr; Chuba, Viacheslav; Zabrodskyi, Andriiresearch article
2019The technological substantiation the energy self-sufficiency of agroecosystems in rural areasGolub, Gennadii; Kukharets, Savelii; Yarosh, Yaroslav; Čėsna, Jonas; Kukharets, Valentinabook part
2020Ущільнення ґрунту – актуальна проблема аграріїв всього світуZabrodskyi, Andrii; Šarauskis, Egidijus; Juostas, Antanas; Buragienė, Sidona; Kukharets, Saveliiresearch article
2020Research on changes in biomass during gasificationGolub, Gennadii; Kukharets, Savelii; Čėsna, Jonas; Skydan, Oleh; Yarosh, Yaroslav; Kukharets, Mykolairesearch article
2020Estimation of mechanical and technological specifications of milk transporting system of milking machineMedvedskyi, Oleksandr; Kukharets, Savelii; Čėsna, Jonas; Achkevych, Vasylresearch article
2021Effect of pneumatic tire pressure and deformation parameters on decreasing soil compactionZabrodskyi, Andrii; Šarauskis, Egidijus; Juostas, Antanas; Kukharets, Saveliiresearch article
2021Simulation of small-size milking machine vacuum systemMedvedskyi, Oleksandr; Kukharets, Savelii; Čėsna, Jonas; Sukmaniu, Olenaresearch article
2021Analysis of the impact of soil compaction on the environment and agricultural economic losses in Lithuania and UkraineZabrodskyi, Andrii; Šarauskis, Egidijus; Kukharets, Savelii; Juostas, Antanas; Vasiliauskas, Gediminas; Andriušis, Albinasresearch article
2022Graphic analytical optimization of design and operating parameters of tires for drive wheels of agricultural machinerySheludchenko, Bogdan; Šarauskis, Egidijus; Kukharets, Savelii; Zabrodskyi, Andriiresearch article