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2016Learning methods using in a student-centred process - Lithuania caseKnyvienė, Indrė; Perkumienė, Dalia; Butėnas, Ričardasresearch article
2016Žinių valdymo strategijos taikymas paslaugų sektoriujeKarpis, Vilmantas; Perkumienė, Dalia; Knyvienė, Indrėresearch article
2017Lithuanian, Polish and Slovenian Case in Experience of Different Methods Using in a Student-Centred ProcessKnyvienė, Indrė; Perkumienė, Dalia; Marinko, Irena; Gołębiowski, Andrewresearch article
2018Theoretical concept of role of the teacher in student - centred studiesPerkumienė, Dalia; Knyvienė, Indrė; Marcinkiewicz-Marszalek, Katarzynaresearch article
2018Peculiarities of working culture and ethics in the public sectorPerkumienė, Dalia; Knyvienė, Indrėresearch article