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2016Aroma profile and colour of fresh and processed different species mintsTarasevičienė, Živilė; Velička, Aloyzas; Kieltyka-Dadasiewicz, Anna; Paulauskienė, Aurelija; Jurevičienė, Vitalijaconference paper
2016Mięta jako składnik żywności tradycyjnej w Polsce i na świecieKieltyka-Dadasiewicz, Anna; Tarasevičienė, Živilė; Kubat-Sikorska, Aleksandra; Stryjecka, Małgorzataresearch article
2016Charakterystyka i właściwości użytkowe surowców miętowychKieltyka-Dadasiewicz, Anna; Jabłońska-Trypuć, Agata; Tarasevičienė, Živilė; Kubat-Sikorska, Aleksandraresearch article
2017The effect of potassium fertilization on the content of macroelements in potato tubersNoaema, Ali Hulail; Sawicka, Barbara; Danilčenko, Honorata; Kieltyka-Dadasiewicz, Annaconference paper
2017Effect drying on chemical content and physical properties of organically grown mintsTarasevičienė, Živilė; Velička, Aloyzas; Danilčenko, Honorata; Paulauskienė, Aurelija; Kieltyka-Dadasiewicz, Annaconference paper
2017Effect of foliar application of aromatic amino acids on quality changes in mints plantsTarasevičienė, Živilė; Velička, Aloyzas; Danilčenko, Honorata; Burbulis, Natalija; Blinstrubienė, Aušra; Paulauskienė, Aurelija; Kieltyka-Dadasiewicz, Annaconference paper
2017Analysis of morphological and genetic variability of nine varieties of peppermint (Mentha × piperita L.)Kieltyka-Dadasiewicz, Anna; Okoń, Sylwia; Ociepa, Tomasz; Król, Beata; Kubat-Sikorska, Aleksandra; Tarasevičienė, Živilė; Głowacka, Aleksandraconference paper
2017Shaping the quality of jerusalem artichoke tubers by application variable mineral fertilizationKieltyka-Dadasiewicz, Anna; Skiba, Dominika; Jarienė, Elvyra; Savicka, Barbara; Krochmal-Marczak, Barbaraconference paper
2017Essential oil, dry soluble solids and ascorbic acid content of fresh, ecologically grown mintTarasevičienė, Živilė; Velička, Aloyzas; Danilčenko, Honorata; Kieltyka-Dadasiewicz, Anna; Paulauskienė, Aurelija; Masionytė, Renataconference paper
2017Assessment of the leading mustard products on the Lublin marketSawicka, Barbara; Denesiuk, Joanna; Jarienė, Elvyra; Kieltyka-Dadasiewicz, Anna; Noaema, Ali Hulail; Skiba, Dominikaconference paper
2019Jerusalem artichoke ( Helianthus tuberosus L.) as energy raw materialSawicka, Barbara; Skiba, Dominika; Bienia, Bernadetta; Kieltyka-Dadasiewicz, Anna; Danilčenko, Honorataresearch article
2019Impact of foliar application of amino acids on total phenols and sugars content of mentha piperita 'Granada'Velička, Aloyzas; Tarasevičienė, Živilė; Hallmann, Ewelina; Danilčenko, Honorata; Kieltyka-Dadasiewicz, Annaconference paper
2019Nondestructive detection of hollow heart in potatoes using ultrasonicsSavicka, Barbara; Pszczółkowski, Piotr; Barbaś, Piotr; Danilčenko, Honorata; Kieltyka-Dadasiewicz, Annaconference paper
2019Comparison of Chemical Composition and Colour Parameters of Different Mentha Genus Plants Grown under Organic ConditionsTarasevičienė, Živilė; Velička, Aloyzas; Jarienė, Elvyra; Paulauskienė, Aurelija; Kieltyka-Dadasiewicz, Anna; Sawicka, Barbara; Gajewski, Marekresearch article
2020Phenotypic yield and its structure variability of moderately late and late potato cultivarsPszczółkowski, Piotr; Sawicka, Barbara; Jarienė, Elvyra; Kieltyka-Dadasiewicz, Annaresearch article
2021Chemical and nutritional compounds of different parts of lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus (DC) Stapf.) cultivated in temperate climate of PolandKieltyka-Dadasiewicz, Anna; Ludwiczuk, Agnieszka; Tarasevičienė, Živilė; Michalak, Monika; Głowacka, Aleksandra; Baj, Tomasz; Kręcisz, Beata; Krochmal-Marczak, Barbararesearch article