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2000Epicuticular wax properties of needles of Pinus sylvestris growing near the cement factoryKupčinskienė, Eugenija; Huttunen, Sresearch article
2000Needle surface micromorphology of Pinus Sylvestris near an oil refinery in LithuaniaKupčinskienė, Eugenija; Nemaniūtė, Jolanta; Huttunen, S; Lamppu, Jresearch article
2003Ammonia toxicity in Scots Pine stands growing in the area affected by the Nitrogen Fertilizer factoryKupčinskienė, Eugenija; Huttunen, S; Riepšas, Edvardas; Bartkevičius, Edmundas; Kliučius, Almantasconference paper