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2015Implementation of the ergogenic action of antioxidative agentsGunina, LarisaStraipsnis / Article
2016Mechanisms of antioxidant’s action on the physical performance of athletesGunina, Larisa; Milašius, Kazysresearch article
2016Physical exercise-induced bronchial asthma in athletes: unsolved problems and possibilities of prophylaxis and therapy (review)Gunina, LarisaStraipsnis / Article
2016Metabolic cardioprotectors in sport: the focus on last changes in WADA prohibited list (review)Gunina, LarisaStraipsnis / Article
2017Estimation of adenosine triphosphate based preparation influence on work capacity during modelling of intensive continuous physical loadsGunina, Larisa; Vinnichuk, Yuliya; Rosova, EkaterinaStraipsnis / Article
2017Functional state of autonomic nervous system, central hemodynamics, and physical work capacity in former track and field athletesМikhalyuk, Evgeny; Gunina, LarisaStraipsnis / Article
2017Metabolic markers of heart strain in athletes (a review)Gunina, Larisa; Bezuglaya, VictoriaStraipsnis / Article
2018Anabolic agents in elite sport: accent on side effects (review)Gunina, Larisa; Malinsky, Igor; Boyko, ValeryStraipsnis / Article
2018Dietary supplements in the structure of providing high efficiency of competitive result in elite sportGunina, Larisa; Dmitriev, AlexanderStraipsnis / Article
2018The World Anti-Doping Agency’s position on ergogenic and recovery pharmacological means and the major principles of their legal usage by athletesGunina, Larisa; Sheyko, VitalyStraipsnis / Article
2020Kai kurių sportininkų vartojamų maisto papildų vaidmuo reguliuojant bilirubino koncentraciją kraujyjeMilašius, Kazys; Gunina, Larisaresearch article
2020Energy producing and apoptosis at physical loads: the role of the prooxidant-antioxidant balance change (a review)Voitenko, Valentina; Gunina, Larisa; Nosach, Olena; Danylchenko, Svitlanajournal article
2020Physiological and hereditary hyperbilirubinemia in athletes: role in reducing efficiency and correction methodologyGunina, Larisa; Milašius, Kazys; Voitenko, V. Lresearch article