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2011Education and training of pharmacists in Lithuania and Italy: a comparative analysisGrincevičienė, Vilija; Grincevičiūtė, Nora; Grincevičius, Jonasresearch article
2012Professor Juozas Vaitkevičius – a pioneer in the history of didacticsGrincevičienė, Vilija; Grincevičiūtė, Noraconference paper
2015Impact of graphene oxide on viability of Chinese hamster ovary and mouse hepatoma MH-22A cellsBatiuškaitė, Danutė; Grincevičiūtė, Nora; Snitka, Valentinasresearch article
2016Synthesis of hybridgraphene–porphyrinmicro/nanofiber structuresby ionic self-assemblyRodaitė-Riševičienė, Raminta; Grincevičiūtė, Nora; Selskis, Algirdas; Snitka, Valentinasresearch article