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2016Hyperspectral and color-infrared imaging from ultra-light aircraft: Potential to recognize tree species in urban environmentMozgeris, Gintautas; Gadal, Sébastien; Jonikavičius, Donatas; Straigytė, Lina; Ouerghemmi, Walid; Juodkienė, Vytautėresearch article
2017Urban objects classification by spectral library: Feasibility and applicationsOuerghemmi, Walid; Gadal, Sébastien; Mozgeris, Gintautas; Jonikavičius, Donatas; Weber, Christianeresearch article
2017The potential of imaging from ultra-light aircraft for urban tree inventories: case study in Kaunas, LithuaniaMozgeris, Gintautas; Gadal, Sébastien; Jonikavičius, Donatas; Straigytė, Lina; Ouerghemmi, W; Juodkienė, Vytautėconference paper
2018Urban vegetation mapping by airborne hyperspetral imagery; feasibility and limitationsOuerghemmi, Walid; Gadal, Sébastien; Mozgeris, Gintautas; Jonikavičius, Donatasresearch article
2018Recognition of urban vegetation by hyperspectral airborne high-resolution VNIR imager (Kaunas, Lithuania)Gadal, Sébastien; Ouerghemmi, Walid; Mozgeris, Gintautas; Barlatier, Romainconference paper
2018Ultra-Light Aircraft-Based Hyperspectral and Colour-Infrared Imaging to Identify Deciduous Tree Species in an Urban EnvironmentMozgeris, Gintautas; Juodkienė, Vytautė; Jonikavičius, Donatas; Straigytė, Lina; Gadal, Sébastien; Ouerghemmi, Walidresearch article
2018Urban vegetation mapping using hyperspectral imagery and spectral libraryOuerghemmi, Walid; Gadal, Sébastien; Mozgeris, Gintautasresearch article
2019Critical analysis of urban vegetation mapping by satellite multispectral and airborne hyperspectral imageryGadal, Sébastien; Ouerghemmi, Walid; Barlatier, Romain; Mozgeris, Gintautasresearch article
2019Visible and near-infrared hyperspectral imaging to describe properties of conventionally and organically grown carrotsČesonienė, Laima; Masaitis, Gediminas; Mozgeris, Gintautas; Gadal, Sébastien; Šileikienė, Daiva; Karklelienė, Rasaresearch article