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2005The outcome of solution-focused brief therapy for adolescents in foster care and health care institutionsGoštautas, Antanas; Čepukienė, Viktorija; Pakrosnis, Rytis; Fleming, James Slateresearch article
2006Self-damaging behaviour in adolescents within groups from Lithuania and USAŠeibokaitė, Laura; Goštautas, Antanas; Fleming, James Slateconference paper
2007Psychological changes during school years in American and Lithuanian studentsŠeibokaitė, Laura; Fleming, James Slate; Goštautas, Antanas; Pilkauskienė, Inaconference paper
2007Veiksniai, lemiantys paauglių sprendimų siekiančios trumpalaikės terapijos trukmęGoštautas, Antanas; Pakrosnis, Rytis; Čepukienė, Viktorija; Pilkauskienė, Ina; Fleming, James Slateresearch article
2008Self-rated health and damaging behaviour of students from Lithuania and USAFleming, James Slate; Goštautas, Antanas; Flagstad, L.L; Šeibokaitė, Laura; Pilkauskienė, Inaconference paper