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2011Screening of free radical scavengers in common spices using off-line and on-line DPPH assaysDamašius, Jonas; Venskutonis, Petras Rimantas; Kaškonienė, Vilma; Maruška, Audriusconference paper
2013Determination of vitamin A content in the commercial milkRaudonytė, Jurgita; Šimkevičiūtė, Lina; Damašius, Jonas; Maruška, Audrius; Akuneca, Ievaconference paper
2014The use of membrane filtration process for pumpkin juice fractionationStaišiūnaitė, R; Tamulionienė, D; Damašienė, E; Kaškonienė, Vilma; Damašius, Jonasconference paper
2014Fast screening of the main phenolic acids with antioxidant properties in common spices using on-line HPLC/UV/DPPH radical scavenging assayDamašius, Jonas; Venskutonis, Petras Rimantas; Kaškonienė, Vilma; Maruška, Audriusresearch article
2016The effect of savoury plants, fermented with lactic acid bacteria, on the microbiological contamination, quality, and acceptability of unripened curd cheeseMozūrienė, Erika; Bartkienė, Elena; Juodeikienė, Gražina; Žadeikė, Daiva; Bašinskienė, Loreta; Maruška, Audrius Sigitas; Stankevičius, Mantas; Ragažinskienė, Ona; Damašius, Jonas; Čižeikienė, Daliaresearch article