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20032002 State of science and knowledge gaps with respect to air pollution impacts on forestsPaoletti, Elena; Augustaitis, Algirdas; Bytnerowicz, Andrzej; Bucher, Jurg B; Ferretti, Marco; Johnson, Dale; Karnosky, David F; Mankovska, Blanka; Muller - Starck, G; Percy, Kevin Eresearch article
2008Contribution of ambient ozone to Scots pine defoliation and reduced growth in the Central European forests: A Lithuanian case studyAugustaitis, Algirdas; Bytnerowicz, Andrzejresearch article
2014Biological reactions of forests to climate change and air pollution : [editorial]Augustaitis, Algirdas; Bytnerowicz, Andrzej; Paoletti, Elenaresearch article
2016Global topics and novel approaches in the study of air pollution, climate change and forest ecosystemsSicard, Pierre; Augustaitis, Algirdas; Belyazid, Salim; Calfapietra, Carlo; Marco, Alessandra de; Fenn, Mark; Bytnerowicz, Andrzej; Grulke, Nancy; He, Shang; Matyssek, Rainer; Serengil, Yusuf; Wieser, Gerhard; Paoletti, Elenaresearch article