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2009Effects of Suspended Iron Particles on Tribologic Properties of Mineral and Vegetable OilsAsadauskas, Svajus J; Bražinskienė, Dalia; Padgurskas, Juozas; Jankauskas, Vytenis; Kreivaitis, Raimondasresearch article
2009Tribologic properties of vegetable and mineral oils with suspended nanoparticlesAsadauskas, S., J; Padgurskas, Juozas; Cesiulis, Henrikas; Prosyčevas, I; Kreivaitis, Raimondas; Bražinskienė, Daliaresearch article
2009Tribologic behaviour and suspension stability of iron and copper nanoparticles in rapeseed and mineral oilsPadgurskas, Juozas; Rukuiža, Raimundas; Kreivaitis, Raimondas; Asadauskas, S. J; Bražinskienė, Daliaresearch article
2014Surfactant Influence on Stability and Lubrication Properties of Metal Nanoparticle Suspensions in OilAsadauskas, Svajus; Bražinskienė, Dalia; Bikulčius, Gedvidas; Kreivaitis, Raimondas; Padgurskas, Juozasbook part