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2017Effect of the nitrogen and magnesium fertilisation on yield and economic efficiency of winter triticale productionBielski, Stanisław; Falkowski, JanStraipsnis / Article
2019Are higher input levels to triticale growing technologies effective in biofuel production system?Bielski, Stanisław; Romaneckas, Kęstutis; Novikova, Anastasija; Šarauskis, Egidijusresearch article
2019Straw stocks as a source of renewable energy. A case study of a district in PolandMarks-Bielska, Renata; Bielski, Stanisław; Novikova, Anastasija; Romaneckas, Kęstutisresearch article
2020Planosol CO2 respiration, chemical and physical properties of differently tilled faba bean cultivationKimbirauskienė, Rasa; Romaneckas, Kęstutis; Naujokienė, Vilma; Sinkevičienė, Aušra; Šarauskis, Egidijus; Buragienė, Sidona; Bielski, Stanisławresearch article
2020Food security in the context of liquid biofuels productionKurowska, Krystyna; Marks-Bielska, Renata; Bielski, Stanisław; Kryszk, Hubert; Jasinskas, Algirdasresearch article
2020Impact of nitrogen and boron fertilization on winter triticale productivity parametersBielski, Stanisław; Romaneckas, Kęstutis; Šarauskis, Egidijusresearch article
2021Assessing the value of agroecosystem services in Warmia and Mazury province using choice experimentsBielski, Stanisław; Marks-Bielska, Renata; Novikova, Anastasija; Vaznonis, Bernardasresearch article
2021Geographic information systems and the sustainable development of rural areasKurowska, Krystyna; Marks-Bielska, Renata; Bielski, Stanisław; Aleknavičius, Audrius; Kowalczyk, Cezaryresearch article
2021The dynamic of Planosol chemical composition and CO2 respiration in differently tilled faba bean cultivationRomaneckas, Kęstutis; Kimbirauskienė, Rasa; Sinkevičienė, Aušra; Šarauskis, Egidijus; Buragienė, Sidona; Naujokienė, Vilma; Bielski, Stanisławconference paper
2021Importance of agriculture in creating energy security—a case study of PolandBielski, Stanisław; Marks-Bielska, Renata; Zielinska-Chmielewska, Anna; Romaneckas, Kęstutis; Šarauskis, Egidijusresearch article
2021The Study of the faba bean waste and potato peels recycling for pellet production and usage for energy conversionMinajeva, Aleksandra; Jasinskas, Algirdas; Domeika, Rolandas; Vaiciukevičius, Edvardas; Lemanas, Egidijus; Bielski, Stanisławresearch article