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2005Improvement of oil rape hardening and frost toleranceVelička, Rimantas; Rimkevičienė, Marija; Novickienė, L; Anisimovienė, N; Brazauskienė, Iresearch article
2006Effect of herbicide MCPA on biological properties and second-generation productivity of weeds surviving in barley cropŠpokienė, Nijolė; Novickienė, L; Anisimovienė, N; Jodaugienė, Darija; Miliuvienė, Lresearch article
2010Preparation of oilseed rape for over-wintering according to autumnal growth and cold acclimation periodVelička, Rimantas; Anisimovienė, N; Pupalienė, Rita; Jankauskienė, Jurga; Butkevičienė, Lina Marija; Kriaučiūnienė, Zitaresearch article