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2017Mediation in labour lawOguz, Ozgur; Perkumienė, Daliaresearch article
2016Peculiarities of working time organizationPerkumienė, Dalia; Oguz, Ozgur; Švagždienė, Birutaresearch article
2016Peculiarities of working time organization in the public sectorOguz, Ozgur; Perkumienė, Dalia; Švagždienė, Birutaconference paper
2017Protective regulations of women employees under turkish labour lawOguz, Ozgur; Perkumienė, Dalia; Mikalauskienė, Nerijaconference paper
2015Provision of equal rights and opportunities relating with labour relations in public sectorPerkumienė, Dalia; Merkienė, Rasa; Oguz, Ozgurresearch article